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As one of the most certified teams in South Carolina, we bring passion, expertise and dedication to information security for small and medium sized businesses.


New threats are always emerging. Discover gaps in your cyber security strategy.


Grow security the right way and prevent unnecessary loss revenue due to cyber crime.


Criminals are not the only threats to the bottom-line. Failure to meet government regulations and protect PHI can cost big.

Tandem Cyber Solutions' founders have worked on major security projects in government and the private sector; including investigating the presidential election hack and protecting critical American infrastructure. Through their extensive experience, the founders came to understand that cyber security is crucial, however few businesses have the resources to obtain top notch protection. It was out of this realization that Tandem Cyber Solutions was created. We are dedicated to reducing the barriers to great security and bringing the best cyber security possible, to business of all sizes.

Micheal Small

CEO + Co-founder

Micheal Small has over 13 years combined experience in Information Security, Information Technology, and Physical Security. His passion and appetite for the cyber world is unparalleled with exposure to virtually every industry, he continues to hone his skills in Incident Response, Penetration Testing, and Consulting. Recognizing the need for change in cyber security, he volunteers to help entrepreneurs, veterans, and recent graduates.


Keith Small

VP of Operations + Co-founder

Keith Small is a retired professional law enforcement officer. Having sharpened an inquisitive mindset over almost three decades in criminal investigations and police work, he is now focused on applying his craft to protecting businesses from cyber criminals. Focusing on analysis and forensics, he relentlessly pursues knowledge in current tactics and cyber-criminal behaviors.

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Dont take our word for it. Hear it from our clients.


Business Owner

Very knowledgeable and current with the latest in cyber security, HIPAA privacy compliance and PCI compliance audits. I had the chance to work with Mike Small over the past 5 months and am impressed by their expertise and concern over quality.


Business Owner

Micheal did an amazing job analyzing our security. In the financial industry, protecting our work flow and client information is paramount. Micheal took time understanding how we work on a daily basis in order to make sure our systems were as secure as possible. He explained and showed us how we can do better to ensure the highest level of protection against cyber attacks and theft. I highly recommend Micheal and his company to any business that is concerned about their security and vulnerability or simply want to confirm that they are operating properly. I now know my business is safe, thanks to Micheal and his team.


Business Owner

After an initial assessment, a full security plan was presented and carefully explained. They made sure my questions were answered and offered me step-by-step instructions for how to perform tasks on my own. Tandem mapped out a strong security plan that took into consideration my current security requirements as well as what the company will need as we grow. Grateful that I have Tandem as a resource to protect the company from cyber attacks and theft. Highly recommend.

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