Comprehensive approach to cyber security


Doesn't the IT Department take care of security?

The IT Department can take care of implementation but information security is a deep field requiring specialty training to understand not only risks but the threats out there. For instance our team has certifications in responding to incidents. A typical IT team wouldn’t have the training to properly isolate and investigate the activity to prevent, the same events from reoccurring. 

So do i need both IT and security?

Yes, the security team does not replace IT, they work together to protect an organization.

How is your approach different?

Our approach has stemmed from our founders’ experiences working with top organizations around the world. They have role-played as the adversary and responded to real adversaries, developing a keen understanding for what works in preventing critical impact to revenue streams. 

So what services does that cover?

As part of our comprehensive approach, we help with policies, training, assessments, risk analysis, regulatory consulting, and incident response. 

What makes your team qualified?

Aside from our combined experiences with some of the largest organizations in the world, we maintain cyber security industry certifications. See our About Us page for a list.

Do we need a large budget to have great security?

Absolutely not. You do need a budget however, we believe in using a maturity model with security. The modular approach allows us to start with the basics and build on to the program as the business and security capabilities evolve. Using your available budget we can help your business determine where the dollars will have the most impact on security. 

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