sc Insurance data security act

Reducing risk for Insurance Agencies.

"Under the law, a company’s board of directors has been made directly accountable for the oversight of the cybersecurity program and all its activities and results."

What is the SC Insurance Data Security Act?​

The South Carolina Insurance Data Security Act, also known as SCIDSA, is a law that outlines data security requirements for the insurance industry. The requirements are written in a generalized format to apply to businesses of all sizes. 

The goal of the act is to provide a framework for organizations to better protect their clients from the ever-present threat of cybercriminals. 

Who does it apply to?​

Any licensed organization, rooted in SC including: 

  • Domestic Insurers
  • HMO’s
  • Insurance Producers
  • Insurance Adjusters
  • Third Party Administrators (TPA)
  • Managing General Agencies

Comprehensive approach to cyber security

We work with your team to build a custom cyber security plan that not only meets IDSA requirements but will include policies and training to stop threats on the front line with your personnel.

Secure Systems

Understand your environment

As part of compliance requirements, an expert will perform a security assessment to determine weak points in your computer networks, so that you can focus your security dollars where they matter most.

respond to incidents quickly

Monitoring is necessary. We offer different approaches based on the size of your organization that will help identify threats early and prevent catastrophic impact to business operations.

Quick Response

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IDSA may be new but we have been following closely since the law was first proposed, enabling us to develop this comprehensive offering so that you will meet the requirements of the SC Insurance Data Security Law.


System Insights

The best way to defend is to know yourself. We seek to full understand your IT Environment including software, systems, and weaknesses.

Consultant on standby

Experts on Standby

Our employees have been forged in the fires of relentless cyber attacks. Working with government and top US organizations, they know how to respond to cyber emergencies and stop attacks.

Secure Systems


No plan is full proof. But, with our approach, your risk of a catastrophic attack will be a tiny fraction of the industry norm.

Online Education


No security plan is complete without involving employees. We provide training resources to turn every employee into a vigilant guard against cyber threats.

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SC Based

Do you like knowing your team is close by? We do. Our company is based in Charleston, SC and we would love to meet you.

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Cyber Security has never been easier.